• Web-Based Solution

    Access your files, execute transactions, keep-track of your business anywhere, anytime
  • Completely user friendly

    The package has been engineered to be very graphical and user-friendly
  • For busy executives

    Optimized to suit the lifestyle and work-patterns of busy executives
  • Dedicated user support

    Get prompt and detailed online response and solutions to lodged requests from our dedicated support team
  • Notifications

    It gives notifications both directly on and off the application itself such as sms and email alerts
  • Knowledge Base

    It is backed up with multiple knowledge materials and interactive multimedia learning aids
  • Integration with MS Office tools

    It integrates seamlessly with other necessary tools and supports export to Microsoft Office applications
  • Revenue Assurance

    Revenue Assurance in organisations is secure guaranteed while minimizing fraud
Executive Dashboard
Specifically designed for top and medium level management to view company wide KPIs in graphical formats (bar, pie, line, columns, etc) that are easy to read, understand and interpret. Executive Dashboard is also shipped with the HTS Financials v2 Offline Application Suite. The engine works offline and hence gives faster and timely response and a premium overall user experience.

  • Multiple graphical formats such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc
  • View data in tabular format side by side with the selected graphical formats
  • Synchronize data automatically unto local database at scheduled intervals
Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base (KB) Portal for HTS Financials provides users with an online comprehensive library of articles, tutorials, walk through, videos, etc on how to use the HTS Financials and all its associated Add-Ons. The portal also contains a simple and advanced search engine to enhance retrieval of library materials.

  • Online library containing 2500+ easy to read articles
  • Articles include definition of terms, walkthroughs, tutorials, FAQs, business cycles, business rules, How Tos, etc
  • Download videos and flash animated quick tips
  • Easy and robust search engine
Service Desk
As part of our support framework, HTS Financials offers an integrated online service management tool for escalation, tracking and monitoring of issues and complaints. The HTS Financials Service Desk Solution has been integrated into HTS Financials and hence allows users to easily notify us of change requests, bugs, and general issues.
  • Quick link to Service Desk available for every user within HTS Financials
  • Creation of multiple ticket categories
  • Mapping of support/customer care personnel to single or multiple ticket categories
  • Email Notifications
  • Forwarding of tickets
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Change Requests
  • Tracking and Monitoring of bugs
Instant Online Messaging
If you’ve ever used Yahoo, Windows Live or Facebook Messenger then you’ll be very much familiar with our online instant messaging/chat tool designed specifically to enable users interact with our live support/customer care team. Get help instantly regarding any question, complaints or issues from our team of HTS Financials experts.
  • Quick link to Chat available for every user within HTS Financials
  • Instant chat / messaging
  • Creation and mapping of users to single or multiple chat channels
  • Creation and mapping of support/customer care personnel to single or multiple chat channels
  • Download, email and transfer of chat sessions to other customer care/support personnel
Data Grabber
Data Grabber, shipped with the HTS Financials v2 Offline Application Suite is a desktop application installed on your local machine (laptop or desktop) that can assist you in generating custom reports and downloading them unto to your local machine in Microsoft Excel format. With Data Grabber, you can create, save and schedule your most frequently used (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly) reports for later download.
  • Design and download custom reports to windows folder or Data Grabber
  • Queue and download multiple reports at the same time
  • Save and schedule reports for later download
  • Run tool in online or offline modes
Point of Sale
Manage your retail sales with the HTS Financials POS Solution which facilitates quick and easy capture of sales transactions to walk-in customers. The application works offline synchronizing automatically with an online server hence gives that fast and quick response required for handling a number of customers visiting your sales outlets daily.
  • Multiple branch/storage/inventory
  • Creation of multiple ticket categories
  • Multiple users
  • Handles serialized and unserialised inventory
  • Supports inventory bundling
  • Supports all types of scanners, printers, and other POS hardware devices
  • Synchronize data automatically unto local database at scheduled intervals
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